Worship – Prayer Groups

Special times of prayer


Many Christians struggle with prayer; many Christians feel guilty about their own prayers. Yet prayer is an amazing privilege. In prayer we get to talk to the Creator of the Universe; we get to talk to God. Most important people in the world never talk to me or would not answer the phone if we called. The Prime Minister never talks to us, yet God does.

Prayer very simply is communication with God. In the words of an old B.T. advert, “it is good to talk.” We do not have to use clever language or old fashioned words; we just need to be real and be open to what God will say to us.

Within the church there a number of Prayer Groups held both at Church and in homes.

Groups at Church
Sundays, at 9.30am for about 40 minutes, before Sunday worship.
Every second Monday at 7.30pm for about an hour.

Groups in homes
Alternate Tuesday afternoons at 2pm for about an hour.
The second Thursday in the month mainly for Overseas Mission at 2pm for about an hour.

These times are open to everyone, and any situation, personal or bigger, can be the focus for prayer.